Welcome to the Academic Job Market Support Network. We host information and resources relating to job searches. Right now our main purpose is to share sample job materials, which are available on the ‘files’ page.


This group is open to anyone, but we are primarily concerned with supporting humanities PhDs (abd and post-grad) who are pursuing academic careers. We are open to any discipline but have historically focused on digital humanities and language and literature materials, and we host materials for the full range of potential academic jobs, from TT to postdoc, VAP, lectureships, and adjunct positions. We are institution agnostic (ivies, R1s, regional publics, SLACS, community colleges are all welcome) and have some alt-ac materials, mostly for jobs directly relating to doctoral training (i.e. academic librarianship).

Want to contribute?

As a member, you can add your materials by uploading them to the ‘files’ page. This a great way to support current and future applicants, thank you! We do ask you follow the following principles:

  1. Be selective: we know, you’ve written hundreds of documents. But please follow these guidelines:
    1. Submit no more than one document from each genre/job type to the site.
    2. Only submit documents that were ‘successful’ – that is, applications where you proceeded to the interview stage.
  2. Submit as PDFs: not everyone has Word.
  3. Protect your privacy: Make sure you remove your mailing address and other personal details.
  4. Include area-specific info: In the title or description, describe:
    1. The type of doc (“cover letter”)
    2. The type of job (“VAP”)
    3. The field/department (“English”)
    4. The year (“2016”)
    5. edit: It’s just now occurring to me we should think about nation, like U.S., Canada, UK, Europe… since the markets are so different!
  5. Categorize your files: Use the above information (document type, job type, department, and year) to select categories. This will make it easy for users to sort or search for the kind of documents they’re looking for.