I don’t have any job materials to submit. How else can I help?

Submit secondary resources

If your department has created resources for graduate students applying to academic jobs, consider submitting them to the repository. This might include, for example, guidelines for giving a job talk, participating in an interview, preparing job materials, or searching for jobs.

Please make sure the resources focus on transparency, equity, and inclusion. Make sure that they are well-described (and specify source institution and academic discipline, as appropriate). Make sure authorship is correctly attributed.

Secondary resources should be uploaded to the “Additional Job Search Resources” folder on the Docs page. Here are more guidelines for submitting materials.

Share the resource

We share the network aggressively on twitter, but are still working on connecting with people beyond our social networks. We are particularly interested in making sure that graduate students and ec scholars on the job market have access to these resources.

If you belong to a scholarly society, facebook group, or department, consider sharing this project. You could write about it in your departmental newsletter! Post about it on your grad student blog. Post it to your area studies facebook group. Email it to your friends.

Recruit participants

We are always looking for more volunteers to submit materials. Even if you can’t submit materials yourself, think of ways to encourage those in your network to submit.

If you are a senior scholar, advising junior scholars on the potential risks of participating in a project like this would be particularly useful. We know that causes a lot of anxiety!

Expand the resource

Have ideas about other ways we can support transparency and equity in higher ed? We’re interested. Email halperta@gmail.com.